High-Quality Glass Syringes

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In terms of offering the best bang for your buck, Kopperko’s syringes are second to none. Our borosilicate glass syringes can be used for glue application, refilling ink cartridges, and applying substances to those hard-to-reach places. Although they are primarily used in labs and veterinary offices that prefer non-plastic tubes, our high-quality glass syringes are practical in numerous other applications.

Are you tired of medicine syringes that crack and break easily? Say goodbye to broken syringes, thanks to our syringes’ durable borosilicate composition. Kopperko gives you an industrial syringe that’s designed to stay completely intact even when it gets loaded with hot liquids or oils. Best of all, our reusable liquid dispensing syringes already come with their own 14 Ga blunt tip needles, unlike other brands that require you to purchase one separately.