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Kopperko 100 Pack 2.5 Inch Plastic Cosmetic Spatulas – Sky Blue

$6.99 15% Off

49 in stock

SKU: BK-25100SB Category: GTIN: 850012147145
These 2.5 in. cosmetic spatulas can be used for essential oil mixtures, face masks, lotions, creams, moisturizers, exfoliators, repellent, sunscreen, or lab samples. Use these cosmetic spatulas to help move large quantities of wholesale or homemade creams, gels, or serums with these professional, presentable, and convenient scoopers.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Product Features

Clean out your containers

Get every inch of cream, lotion, or makeup from your jars and tubs. Our mini spoons are 0.29"X2.5" in size, so they're small enough to fit in tight spaces.

Mix and apply your products

Love creating your own creams? Our mini spatula scooper can be used to mix your diy skincare, face masks, and other cosmetics. You can also use it to apply or sample your product on your skin.

An all-around tool

Our small spatula can be used to scoop out all sorts of items. Use it for your lotions, lip balms, and glosses, scrubs, nail accessories, charms, beads, or small jewelry.

Have a handy spatula everywhere you go

Always have a scraper ready whenever you're outside. Our beauty spatulas are light and compact, allowing them to fit easily in your pocket, bag, and luggage.

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Leave a Review

❝Love these! My vet recommended these to give my 4 dogs oral medicine and said it’s what they use in the office. I use it to give my dogs CBD oil since they try to bite down on the glass dropper it comes with, so the blunt tip metal syringe works great and is so much safer. Have also used it to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide. Pretty versatile though, my sister uses them for random arts/crafts and jewelry.❞

Angelina L.

❝Great syringes. I use them for my vape juice to draw it from the large bottle and put into my tank. Great quality and excellent suction power.❞

Rachel Feathers

❝Worked perfect. Nice buying them together.❞


❝Great for those tiny jobs that you just need a dab of glue, or those tight places depending on the length and gauge needle you use.❞

Kenny G.

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